Question: What Is Contoura Eye Surgery?

Contoura® Vision is a topography-guided LASIK treatment that is the latest FDA approved LASIK eye surgery technology available in the U.S.

This data provides an individual profile for each eye that surgeons can use to perform personalized laser eye surgery procedures.

What is Contoura vision surgery?

Contoura Vision TopoGuided LASIK is a new technology designed to enhance the effects of LASIK. It corrects the vision based on the corneal topography (corneal curvature maps) as against the correction of vision in a standard LASIK surgery which is only based on glasses or contact lens prescription.

How does Contoura Lasik work?

While wavefront-guided LASIK can produce good results by measuring somewhere around 200 points of curvature on the cornea, Contoura Vision measures 22,000 points. While the lens of the eye can contribute to poor vision as well, it changes over time, which could work against the changes made to the cornea by LASIK.

Is Contoura Vision Safe?

Contoura vision is the latest, safest, and the most advanced technique of specs removal. Contoura Vision is a US FDA-approved technique that delivers results better than LASIK and SMILE, and is quickly gaining popularity among patients.

What is the cost of Contoura vision?

while the fees for a Contoura Vision correction ranges between ₹95,000 and ₹1,15,000 (approx.). Of course, the exact cost will vary according to the complexity of each case and the procedure used.