Quick Answer: Is Lasik Surgery Detectable?

Is femto Lasik detectable?

Answers (2) Lasik surgery can definitely be detected.

Cost will widely vary depending on the hospital u go to.

LASIK surgery can be detected because cornea becomes extremely thiner after LASIK or Smile LASIK.

Is Lasik allowed in railway?

As per Indian Railways Recruitment Regulation, LASIK is not allowed.

Is PRK eye surgery detectable in railway?

Candidates may note that for vision correction, Lasik surgery or any form of radial keratotomy is not permitted at all.”

Can you get Lasik done twice?

Can You Have Laser Eye Surgery Twice? Such laser eye surgery enhancements or touch-ups are usually free for the first year after treatment. Fortunately, so long as the corneal tissue (on the front of your eye) is thick enough and your eyes are healthy, you can receive repeat laser eye treatment.