How Long Does It Take To See Clearly After Lasik Surgery?

The LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Process

Most patients see clearly within 24 hours after vision correction surgery, but others take two to five days to recover.

Some patients may experience some blurred vision and fluctuations in their vision for several weeks after LASIK.

How long should I use eye drops after Lasik?

This can cause your eyes to dry out. For the first week or two after LASIK, keep your eye drops handy and apply liberally when in front of the computer. Try to use the 20-20-20 rule as well.

Can you see during laser eye surgery?

Generally, you will return to see your eye doctor or your LASIK surgeon the day after surgery. At this initial check-up, your visual acuity will be measured to make sure it is safe for you to drive without glasses or contact lenses. In most states, this requires visual acuity of 20/40 or better.

How long after Lasik can I drive?

The First Weeks After LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

In general, it’s recommended that you wait one to three days after surgery before you resume low-impact sports, up to two weeks for more vigorous sports, and up to four weeks for contact sports.