How Long Does It Take To Get Your Vision Back After PRK Surgery?

The first few weeks after your procedure will see you experiencing significant fluctuations in your vision.

Your eyesight will then continue to improve until your vision becomes stable.

This may take anywhere from a few weeks to a maximum of six months.

How long does it take to get 20/20 vision after PRK?

Most people see 20/20 or better after PRK, as clearly as they would after LASIK. But vision recovery takes longer after PRK, and it may be three to six months before optimum vision is attained. In some cases, prescription glasses may be needed temporarily until healing progresses and vision improves.

How long does it take to see after PRK?

It may be days or a couple of weeks before your eyesight improves, and even longer for your vision to stabilize completely. Most people who have PRK surgery can resume driving a car within a week or two after surgery. But it can take three to six months before vision is completely clear and stable.

Can you see right after PRK?

Your eye may continue to feel dry during this time, but most other side effects, including sensitivity to light and visual distortions, will be reduced. In fact, 9 out of 10 people who get PRK to improve their vision experience 20/40 vision or better within six months of the procedure.

How long is vision blurry after PRK?

Vision with LASIK will be corrected almost instantaneously, there will be little to no pain and full recovery is a few weeks after surgery. With PRK, you may experience blurry vision for a minimum of 4 days after the surgery and full recovery takes about 4-12 weeks after surgery.

Can I watch TV after PRK?

Most patients are able to see well enough to drive 6 – 7 days after their procedure, with the doctor’s approval. ❖ It is not unusual to feel some discomfort following PRK.

How painful is PRK recovery?

There is more discomfort after PRK because the procedure exposes the deeper layers of the cornea. For clear and comfortable vision after PRK, protective surface cells have to grow back over the treated area. This process can take a week or two, sometimes longer.

How long should I wear sunglasses after PRK?

Wear sunglasses on bright days for at least 1 year after surgery and avoid too much sun exposure.

Is it normal to see double after PRK?

Some people also see halos or bursts of light for days or weeks following PRK, especially at night. You may also experience corneal haze, a cloudy layer that can significantly obstruct vision, for a short period of time after surgery. While considered safe, PRK surgery is not without risk. double vision.

When can I rub my eyes after PRK?

Halos and glare may appear around bright objects, as will starbursts around light sources. Itchiness and discomfort are also common in the first days after PRK. Rubbing the eyes and getting water in the eyes must be avoided as you heal in order to prevent infection or damaging the regenerating epithelial cells.