Question: How Long Does It Take For Blurriness To Go Away After Cataract Surgery?

After a couple of days, most of the discomfort should disappear.

Often, complete healing occurs within eight weeks.

Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following: Vision loss.

Why is my vision still blurry after cataract surgery?

This occurs when the lens capsule, the membrane that wasn’t removed during surgery and supports the lens implant, becomes cloudy and impairs your vision. A secondary cataract can develop months or years after cataract surgery. You may feel like the cataract is returning because your vision is blurry again.

How long does it take for vision to clear after cataract surgery?

This, too, should fade within a few days. Many patients report clear vision within several hours after cataract surgery. But each person heals differently, and you may need as long as a week or two before you see images in their sharpest focus.

How long does swelling last after cataract surgery?

However, occasionally, post-cataract surgery endothelial cells don’t function well enough to keep the cornea clear, which can commonly cause corneal oedema. Here, Prof. Feinbaum describes a new treatment modality that has been designed to reduce and in most cases stop the oedema in 24–48 hours.

Do and don’ts after cataract surgery?

For a safe and speedy cataract surgery recovery, follow these tips: Don’t drive on the first day. Don’t do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity for a few weeks. Immediately after the procedure, avoid bending over, to prevent putting extra pressure on your eye.