Quick Answer: Can You Be Unconscious During Lasik?

What Are My Options for Anesthesia During LASIK?

The reason you will remain awake through the LASIK procedure is two-fold.

First, the procedure is very short, so general anesthesia is not appropriate.

Can you get Lasik under anesthesia?

LASIK surgery usually takes less than 10 minutes and does not require general anesthesia. If you fear you will be anxious during the procedure, your LASIK surgeon will give you a mild sedative or other medication prior to surgery to help you relax. The use of a mild sedative is common with LASIK.

Whilst the LASIK eye surgery corrects eyesight with a cut, the Flow procedure is completely non-contact. The entire procedure is performed using a laser. Another concern for patients undergoing laser eye procedures is that they might blink their eyes at the “wrong times”.22 Jan 2016

Can you be put to sleep to have laser eye surgery?

Q. Can they put you to sleep for Laser Eye Surgery? A. We would not perform laser eye surgery under general anaesthetic so you do have to be awake during the procedure.

How much does Lasik hurt?

Some patients have reported feeling some slight pressure on their eye while the laser is being applied to it. The laser treatment itself only takes around 30-40 seconds, so any feeling of discomfort will be minimal and short-lived.