Can Lasik Give You 20 15 Vision?

If your vision is not normal, there are things you can do to improve it.

Corrective lenses and LASIK are both treatment options.

With LASIK, the goal is improved vision, not necessarily 20/15 vision.

Can laser eye surgery give you 20 10 Vision?

20/20 or better vision was achieved in 90.8 percent of the 56,000 eyes that reported visual acuity data. 99.5 percent of patients could see 20/40 or better without corrective lenses after LASIK.

Can you get 20 15 vision?

Vision Testing

Snellen charts display letters of progressively smaller size. “Normal” vision is 20/20. 20/20 is not the best possible eyesight however, for example, 20/15 vision is better than 20/20. A person with 20/15 vision can see objects at 20 feet that a person with 20/20 vision can only see at 15 feet.

Do you get perfect vision after Lasik?

Typical LASIK results: 95% of patients have 20/40 or better vision. 85% of patients have 20/20 or better.

How long does it take to get 20/20 vision after Lasik?

Answer: While many patients see 20/20 on the next day after LASIK, it is also common for many patients to require additional time (days or weeks or even months) before the best vision is achieved. Studies show that vision continues to improve following LASIK vision correction for up to a year after the procedure.