Quick Answer: Can A Detached Retina Be Reattached?

One method of retinal detachment repair is pneumatic retinopexy.

A laser or cryotherapy is then used to reattach the retina firmly into place.

The gas bubble will dissolve in a few days.

A pneumatic retinopexy can be done in an ophthalmologist’s office.

What is the most common cause of retinal detachment?

There are three main causes of retinal detachment, each with its own set of risk factors. The most common type is called a “rhegmatogenous” detachment, and is caused by a tear or hole in the retina. The retina is the thin, light-sensitive tissue that lines the back inside wall of the eye.

How serious is retinal detachment?

When detachment occurs, vision is blurred. A detached retina is a serious problem that can cause blindness unless it is treated. If any part of the retina is lifted or pulled from its normal position, it is considered detached and will cause some vision loss.

How long does it take for a detached retina to heal?

2 to 4 weeks

What causes a detached retina of the eye?

It happens when inflammation, vascular abnormalities, or injury cause fluid to build up under the retina. There is no hole, break, or tear. Tractional retinal detachment is when an injury, inflammation, or neovascularization causes the fibrovascular tissue to pull the sensory retina from the retinal pigment epithelium.