Question: Are Retinal Holes Common?

Common causes include retinal holes or tears, ocular trauma, high myopia, retinal scarring and traction, or other eye diseases.

Are retinal holes serious?

Usually holes and tears do not mean you will have serious vision problems right away. However, retinal holes and tears may cause problems if they allow fluid to seep behind the retina. Detachment of the retina is a serious condition that can lead to total blindness.

How common are macular holes?

Macular holes are most common in people age 60 or older and seem to be more common in women.

What causes holes in the retina?

Pockets of fluid can develop in the back of your eye, causing the gel to pull away from the retina. However, sometimes the gel pulls on a thin or weak area of the retina, and causes a tear or hole. Problems that may increase your risk of retinal holes and tears include: Nearsightedness.

Can a hole in the retina be repaired?

A vitrectomy is the most common treatment for macular holes. In this surgery, a retinal specialist removes the vitreous gel to stop it from pulling on the retina. Risks of vitreous surgery include infection and retinal detachment, both which are treatable. The most common risk, however, is cataract development.